Total Giving as of April 2019


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The Vestavia Hills City Schools Foundation is a non-profit corporation created to provide ongoing and dependable funding for critical academic "extras" such as professional development, technology, and classroom enhancements. These extras benefit every grade level, every academic subject area and every student in our school system. Making an investment in the Foundation will help to fill in the funding gaps that can make the difference between a good school system and a great one. Your tax-deductible contribution is an investment which will allow Vestavia Hills to continue to be a leader in public education.

Since awarding it's first grants in 1999, the Vestavia Hills City Schools Foundation has provided to ALL eight schools and the Board of Education: 

Professional Development:  $420,030

Technology:  $333,882

Classroom Projects:        $290,064

Making the total amount given to school system: 

 Total Gifts to Vestavia Hills Schools:                     $1,043,976


Our Foundation is an asset that is essential to providing everything we expect for our students. Your donation or pledge is truly an investment in our school system, and one that will continue to benefit you and your children for years to come. We hope that every family in Vestavia Hills will make a pledge to the Foundation. Your pledge can be paid over a period of five years and is 100% tax deductible. For information, please email Tait Stoddard at

2018-2019 District Grants

Investing in Our Community

In 2019, VHCSF awarded 28 grants totaling $110,600 to the eight schools in the Vestavia Hills system and to the Vestavia Hills Board of Education.

Vestavia Hills City Schools Foundation 2018-2019 Grants

·        Provide funds for Creations Station for all K-5 Art and Music students in the VH school system

·        Support BOE with Rebel Tech Gear

·        Support BOE with funding for summer professional development

·        Provide funds for WEVideo subscription for VHCS 6-12 students and teachers

·        Purchase 50 iPads and cases for VHCS K-3 students and teachers

·        Provide funds to help fill a book room for VHEC and Dolly Ridge (145 titles, 6 books of each title.)

·        Purchase microscopes for 10-12th grade Science students

·        Purchase iPads for 10-12th grade Science and Physics students

·        Provide funds for supplies for “Let’s Get Crafty”

·        Provide funds for a Volcano Science Project for 6th and 8th grade Science students

·        Purchase Learning Gizmos-interactive online simulations for Math and Science

·        Provide funds for STEM Exploration, STEM Club, Science Olympiad

·        Purchase a Weather Balloon Launch with GoPro camera for LPMS

·        Support LPMS Recycling Program

·        Purchase a set of Chromebooks for LPMS Math students

·        Provide funds for the Leader In Me initiative for VHELP

·        Purchase new chrome book lab and cart for VHELP

·        Upgrade to Fountas and Pinnell Assessments kit for East

·        Professional Development for The Reading Institute for VHECH

·        Funds for Professional Learning Summit for VHECH

·        Provide book studies and Math manipulatives/ Number Corner program for West

·        Acquire books to accommodate K-5 students at VHEE, VHEDR, and VHEW Library

   The Foundation’s endowment is funded by contributions from parents, grandparents, and other community-minded residents and companies who want to ensure Vestavia schools have access to funds for educational enhancements. The Foundation is able to provide a perpetual source of funding for schools that is not federal or state controlled and can never be prorated in times of financial hardship.

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‘’I strongly encourage all Vestavia citizens to become part of this endeavor by making a contribution to the Foundation,” said Shelia Phillips, former Vestavia Hills City Schools Superintendent. “As everyone is well aware, we are still suffering from a loss of state funding in all school systems throughout the state. In Vestavia, we are very lucky to have the Foundation to help provide the support we need to enhance our students’ educational opportunities.

“We are proud to have one of the best school systems in the country. Funding from the Foundation helps continue this standard of excellence.”

“Providing this professional development training opportunity to all of our teachers is a huge undertaking,” noted Sheila Phillips, former Vestavia City Schools Superintendent, “We would not have the resources to do this without the Foundation’s support. These training workshops benefit every school, every teacher and in turn every student in our system.”